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Our Store Policies

Because We Care

  • Your preserved flowers are a representation of the flowers in the bouquet and not an exact replica of bouquet. You will be sent 2 designs to choose from once the flowers are dried. If needed, a few changes might be made to the design while laying out and as the piece progresses 

  • The instructions to send the flowers will be sent to you once your booking is confirmed and the advance is received. Once I receive your flowers, I will send you a picture of the condition they arrive in.

  • Bsbowzart will not be responsible for the condition your blooms arrive in, due to transit handling, packaging & shipping delays etc. 

  • As I am working with flowers, due to their delicacy especially once dry, a few changes might happen in the layout and we might have to replace certain flowers if needed. The best blooms will be selected to preserve once dried and will take utmost care of your memorabilia.

  • The flowers may not retain their vibrant colors once dried. Some will dry darker while some others will dry dull and may not be used in the final piece. Every flower dries differently but will still be beautiful. 

  • You are purchasing a handmade piece of art, and I will take utmost care to make it the very best, but changes will occur in your frames overtime due to the natural processes. 

  • The shipping charges will be added once we receive the order and will be communicated in an email with the invoice for the total order. 

Policies: Store Policies
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