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Welcome to Bsbowzart: Floral souvenirs

Making everlasting memories

How to Book!

Your Wedding date is now set and there is so much to plan. Let Bsbowzart make your Bouquet preservation process easy.

As soon as your date is planned, please get in touch ASAP, as I just take only 2 to 3 bookings per week. or CONTACT US through this site to get in touch with us rather than DM on Instagram. Make a selection of the products that you would like and send the reserving fee($100). 

Processing time is between 6-8 weeks. Here is a brief explanation of the time frame:

  1. Once your bouquet arrives, it is put it in water and fed to refresh the blooms, sometimes flower food is added to refresh them too. This would normally be an overnight process.

  2. Then the flowers are pressed whole or some flowers will be taken apart petal by petal and then pressed. 

  3. The flowers are regularly checked, and papers changed, initially every day, then every 3 days and then after a couple of weeks towards the end of the process.

  4. After hours of changing and lifting each petal and leaf multiple times with pincers, taking care not to damage them, your flowers are finally dry. (in about 4 to 6 weeks)

  5. A lot of the denser blooms are taken apart prior to pressing, and hence they will be reconstructed when completely dry.

  6. The best flowers will be selected and a layout design will be emailed to you for approval.

  7. Once the layout is approved, they will be sprayed with a floral spray, then glued to the frame, the frame or glass is then sealed with a foil tape to help in avoiding humidity reach the blooms, then finally framed.

  8. It can either mailed to you or picked up for local clients.

I can also work with memorial flowers, or any special flowers that you may want to preserve.  Air dried bouquets from earlier can also be preserved in shadowboxes. 

If you have not saved your flowers and want a piece done, it is also possible to create a bouquet from a picture, I can work with a local florist to get something close to your original bouquet.


Floral Souvenirs: Welcome


Check out what happens to your bouquet once it is received by us!

A little process video of the steps involved in turning your flowers into Everlasting Memories! 


About 5-8 weeks in a few seconds.

Floral Souvenirs: Video
Floral Souvenirs: Pro Gallery
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