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How to Book!

Your Wedding date is now set and there is so much to plan. Let Bsbowzart make your Bouquet preservation process easy.

As soon as your date is planned, please get in touch ASAP, as I just take only 2 to 3 bookings per week.

bsbowzart@yahoo.com or CONTACT US through this site to get in touch with us rather than DM on Instagram. Make a selection of the products that you would like and send the reserving fee($100). 

At Bsbowzart, we offer 2 different kind of preserving methods, in Resin or in Frames.

While selecting the pieces keep one thing in mind , if you are selecting a smaller size and if your bouquet has larger flowers, I  will be able to accommodate only 1 or 2 blooms in the piece.

Processing time is between 6-8 weeks depending on the number of items in your order. Here is a brief explanation of the time frame:

  1. Once your bouquet arrives, it is put it in water and fed to refresh the blooms after the travel. This would be a couple of days, then they will be trimmed to remove the wilted leaves and stems.

  2. Then they will be dried, either in Silica for resin pieces or in a press for pressed flower frames (takes about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the size of the blooms)

  3. The best flowers will be selected and for any piece bigger than 6 inches, a layout design will be emailed to you for approval.

  4. Once the design is approved, your bouquet will go through the next step of laying it in resin and several layers will be poured periodically (4-5 day process). the pressed flowers will also be arranged and stuck in the frame.

  5. Then it will be left to cure in the mold, unmolded and further cured for 10 days before they can be mailed to you. The Pressed flower frames will be ready for pick up in less time, as the glue dryong does not take as much time.

  6. It can either mailed to you or picked up for local clients.

I can also work with memorial flowers, air dried bouquets from earlier too. If you have not saved your flowers and want a piece done, it is also possible to create a bouquet from a picture, I can work with a local florist to get something close to your original bouquet.




Check out what happens to your bouquet once it is received by us!

A little process video of the steps involved in turning your flowers into Everlasting Memories!
About 5-8 weeks in 48 seconds