Line of products available for Commission to preserve your special florals or memorabilia, and turn them into pieces of art.

Some pieces are ready to sell and can be found on my Etsy store.

The ready to sell pieces are about 10% less than custom ones.



6x6"........ $300 (CAD)
8x8"........ $400 (CAD)
10x10".... $500 (CAD)

Perfect way tp preserve the flowers from your Wedding/ Anniversary/ Baptism or Memorial bouquets.



5"..... $225 (CAD)

These Hexagons provide a unique shape to preserve your florals/memories. The 5" mold will accommodate a single big flower or a few small ones.




Perfect way tp preserve some of the flowers from your Wedding/ Anniversary/ Baptism or Memorial bouquets. It would be perfect also to add to your children's room with flowers from their birth month or baptism. they are 5.5" tall.
The "I" is $65, J & L are $80




This modern shape is perfect to place on your mantle


Small Beauties

These would make perfect gifts for Bridesmaids, family member or yourself.


Ring Holder

3.25"........ $45 (CAD)

Your wedding flower/s will be cast into a perfect holder for your ring & maybe one for hubby too!


Coasters/Paper Weights (4x3/4th")

Set of 4..... $65 (CAD)
Set of 6..... $85 (CAD)

Smaller flowers and greenery can be made into thick coasters/paper weights, which will make a perfect addition to your table decor or make perfect thank you gifts for family members, friends or bridesmaids. 
These would also be perfect as memorabilia's with funeral flowers for the whole family. Cherishing the memories of the special person.

They can also be personalized with a name/date (3$ extra per coaster)

4inch sphere.jpg

Sphere/Paper Weight

2" ..... $50 (CAD)
3"...... $65 (CAD)
4"...... $80 (CAD)

A perfect add on to your floral bouquet, for the desk at work or for hubby's desk.


2" Initials


These would be perfect as little initials of the Bride and Groom to be placed with their Bouquet preservation or to keep at the desk. They are free standing.



5 to 8" tall $80 to $120

Pyramids are great ways to preserve a single flower or even make a whole layout with smaller flowers.


Heart Paper weight/Decor piece


These heart paperweights/decor pieces are free standing and make an amazing addition to your collection or as gifts.