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Meet the Artist

My journey in art began at an early age observing my mother work her magic on canvas. I have never had any formal training in art and  am very much a self taught artist. I have explored various artistic and creative avenues including oil, acrylic and creating ribbon sculptures. 

My formal education is in the field of Nutrition, Fitness and Sport Psychology and have had a 11 year career in that field.

My journey with preserving flowers began in November 2020, when I found a 13 year old rose drying in an old book, and decided to cast it as it held a special place in my heart and life. It was the 1st rose that my husband (then boyfriend) had given me.

After that I never looked back, learning to dry flowers, spending time to perfect the ways of doing it, experimenting with different types of flowers etc.

I started my journey with preserving flowers in resin and soon started creating pieces with Bridal bouquets as well as Memorial Flowers. 

I started offering Pressed Flower Frames as an option for Preservation since January 2022, after experimenting with different flowers and drying techniques. A lot of trial and error, failures and then finally success at drying them, made me confident of offering it.  As of 2023, I shall be offering Pressed flower frames and Shadow boxes.

Thank you for choosing Bsbowzart : Floral Souvenirs, to create timeless pieces that can be cherished for years to come.

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