Meet the Artist

My journey in art began at an early age observing my mother work her magic on canvas. I have never had any formal training in art and  am very much a self taught artist. I have explored various artistic and creative avenues including oil, acrylic and creating ribbon sculptures. 

My formal education is in the field of Nutrition, Fitness and Sport Psychology and have had a 11 year career in that field at the beginning of my career.

My journey with resin art began in January 2019 when I started working with alcohol inks and resin. For more than a year, I worked on functional art pieces. In Fall 2020, I started collecting and drying fall leaves and cast them into fun coasters and tiered trays. 

In November 2020, I found a 13 year old rose drying in an old book, and decided to cast it as it held a special place in my heart and life. It was the 1st rose that my husband (then boyfriend) had given me.

After that I never looked back, learning to dry flowers, spending time to perfect the ways of doing it, experimenting with different types of flowers etc.

Learning to work with casting resin was another story, the depth of each pour, the timing of each pour, finding the perfect resin, casting and curing at the right temperature, Wow - what a journey it has been!

My 1st piece was cloudy, full of micro bubbles and that discouraged me, but I pursued!

Finally after investing a lot of time and money (I have tried at least 4 different kinds of Casting resin, and am still researching more), I was confident with the product I could achieve for my clients, and am happy to present Bsbowzart’s new venture Foral Souvenirs!

Our new Line of Pressed Flower Frames as an option for Preservation has been added in January 2022. We had a few brides inquiring about this technique in 2021, so after a lot of trials, we are ready to offer it as an option.

Thank you for choosing Bsbowzart : Floral Souvenirs, to preserve your everlasting memories!