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Welcome to Bsbowzart: Transforming flowers into pieces of art.

What we do: 

We specialize in creating flower art pieces, by means of flower preservation- from transforming your wedding bouquet (or any special flowers) into a timeless work of art to cherish for many years to come, to wall art, notebooks, cards, and so much more. We are passionate about turning fresh flowers into beautiful keepsakes.

What is flower preservation?

Flower preservation has evolved over the years but has its roots in flower pressing, which dates back to sixteenth century Japan. Today, it is used to transform fresh flowers into pieces of art that can be treasured for decades.

Where can you find and/or buy floral art pieces?

You can browse our gallery to see ready to sell art pieces or for inspiration. Do you have something else in mind? CONTACT US and we would be happy to work with you to make a custom piece that would embody your vision. Ready to buy? CLICK HERE to access our online shop on Etsy. 

Which geographical areas do we service?

We are based in the West Island of Montreal, Quebec, but we work with customers across Canada. You can shop for our ready to sell pieces from anywhere in the World. Do you live outside the Montreal area? No problem...CONTACT US and we would be happy to help you with shipping arrangement of your special flowers and pieces of art.

CONTACT US today! We are looking forward to working with you and your Special Florals, turning them into meaningful artwork for you to enjoy.

If you require more information, please check out our FAQ page or send us an email with your questions.

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