How do I ship my flowers to you?

Shipping the flowers is pretty simple, but needs to be done asap. So you may want to delegate this task to someone else as you may no doubt be busy with a lot of different things.
Once you book your date, an instruction sheet will be sent to you. Please feel free to contact us if you need any clarifications.

Will my flowers retain their colors?

Each flower dries differently, most whites and greens will remain the same, while lighter colors like Yellows and pink might become a little more vibrant. Darker colors like reds, purples and blues will get even more darker, sometimes even black.
Once Cast in resin, over the years, the flowers will undergo natural changes and are likely to change color.

Can you use air dried flowers?

Yes, fresh as well as air dried flowers can be used. They should just be dust free.
we can use them to cast in resin or we also offer an option of a Shadowbox.

Will all my flowers be used?

Not all of the flowers in the bouquet will be used, some of them do not dry well and some of them will not arrive well. I may not be able to use them all too as it will depend on the size you choose.
The remaining flowers are normally not shipped back, but if you do mention it earlier, they will be up and mailed with your finished piece. Appropriate shipping charges will apply.

Will I be given a choice of the layout?

All pieces of 6x6 inches and more will be given a choice of 2 layouts. Once the flowers are dried, you will receive an email with your layout choices and you can choose.

Why does my piece contain bubbles?

Bubbles are formed in resin naturally and I work very hard to get rid of them. The flowers and leaves that are getting preserved contain a lot of air in spite of going through the process of drying. When they are added to the resin, they will release some air that will get trapped in the resin while curing. 
They will add a unique element to your piece.

Can you work with flowers/Memorabilia from any occasion?

I can work with almost any flowers or memorabilia, Weddings, Anniversaries, Milestones, Engagements, Memorials, Baby showers etc., but please remember to book in advance as we typically take just 2-3 bookings per week.

Can I send you some other things to be made into a memorabilia?

Sure most things can be cast into resin, even pictures can be used after laminating them(extra charges will apply). I have also made a child's 1st objects/toys/cord clamps etc, into a "Memory block". 
Once cast in resin, they are almost like "Frozen in Time".

Pick up/Shipping?

If you live in Montreal or the surrounding area, you are free to drop off your flowers and pick up your piece after completion.
If you are living anywhere else, the shipping rate will be calculated depending on the number and size of your pieces.

Can all flowers be pressed?

Most flowers can be pressed as is. Certain dense flowers like roses, peonies etc., will be thinned down or pressed as individual petals and then put together after they dry.

Will the pressed flowers change color overtime?

Flowers are organic in nature and will change color as they are exposed to the elements and humidity. When your piece is being made, it is sprayed with a UV protectant., but they will still fade or change colors over years
The best way is to display then away from direct sunlight and away from Humidity.